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Client identification is critical early on in the process. We work with Landgate to identify all parties and mitigate this risk.


Fact: Fraudulent Sale of properties affects both the sellers and the buyer. Even worse, as the seller you’re not necessarily entitled to get your property back! Properties have been sold in Australia without the seller even knowing.



 It is important you engage a Settlement Agent prior to signing a Contract so we can review your Contract to ensure all crucial conditions are included. We ensure these conditions are fair, reasonable to your situation.

Fact: A property Contract has a raft of terms and conditions, which in a worst case scenario can be disputed and may even end up in court.



planning the move

The Sellers have until 12 noon the day following settlement to vacate and hand the keys to the Buyer if the property was their principle place of residence immediately prior to settlement.

Fact: Let us know what date you want to move in as we can often agree with all parties a more reasonable day and time to suit your needs.

conditions vs warranties

There is a big misconception that a special condition and a sellers warranty have one and the same meaning, they do not. A condition means settlement cannot proceed until that matter has been satisfied whereas a warranty just means that the Sellers promise to have that item/s in a certain condition by settlement.



Fact: You cannot hold up settlement if a warranty has not been fulfilled.

one opportunity

You are only afforded one opportunity to inspect the property within 5 business days prior to settlement to ensure the property is in the same condition as when you entered into the Contract and all special conditions have been satisfied.

Fact: You can take up to 2 other people with you to your final inspecton to assist you.