Transmission & Survivorship Applications (Deceased Estates)


The term Deceased Estate refers to the assets and property belonging to a person who has died.

One of the key aspects of a Deceased Estate settlement transaction is transferring the property to the surviving co-tenant or the Administrator or Executor as appointed under the Will.

A Survivorship Application is an application by a surviving joint tenant of a property to remove the name of the deceased person from the Certificate of Title.

A Transmission Application is an application by the Administrator or Executor to transfer or sell the property to a third party or the beneficiaries of the estate.


Through this difficult time, we can help you with your application. It is our aim to do as much as we can for you, and be there to help the process go as quickly as possible. We understand it’s an emotional time so we are here for you when you are ready to handle it all.


If you are the Administrator or Executor of someone’s Will then you may need to complete a Letter of Administration or Grant for Probate application.

Transmission Applications are lodged when the Granting of Probate is approved. This is what moves the ownership of the deceased’s property to you so that you can then move it to any other beneficiaries in the Will.

At Mosaic Settlements, we can ensure the right steps are followed so that everything happens in the correct order. If anything is confusing for you, we have years of experience and knowledge at our fingertips to help you.

We can assess your situation and determine what still needs to happen, and act as a liaison for you with other parties involved. Handling a Deceased Estate settlement is hard not just because of the legalities involved, but also because sometimes emotions are still running high. We will focus on the details so that everything runs as seamlessly as possible. We will communicate with compassion and a full understanding that you are going through a difficult time. Our focus is on lifting the stress and pressure from your shoulders as much as we can.

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