PEXA E-Conveyancing


PEXA is an acronym for Property Exchange Australia – an easy and fast way to complete the purchasing and selling of real estate. PEXA is an online electronic lodgement network that our experienced conveyancers use at Mosaic Settlements to lodge certain documents digitally. Using PEXA means we can act quickly which is crucial to a successful settlement. PEXA is the world’s first example of such a network and we are proud to embrace it. For smooth settlement using PEXA Perth residents and business owners vouch for, you can rely on Mosaic Settlements.


Conveyancing is the action of preparing documents to effect the change of ownership, right, interest or title from one person to another. Conveyancing covers the preparation and lodging of essential legal documents, as well as title searches and facilitating the settlement process. E-conveyancing is the process of carrying out these steps online. By not having to physically sit at a table and perform a settlement in person, our team at Mosaic Settlements can use PEXA electronic conveyancing to ensure things move quickly and efficiently.


PEXA was formed in 2010 by COAG (the Council of Australian Governments). The goal was to create a portal where the whole country’s real estate conveyancing could be conducted online. It is legislated in Western Australia that all eligible conveyance matters are conducted via an electronic lodgement platform such as PEXA electronic conveyancing, so that the process is kept modern and streamlined. Currently, five states use PEXA. Mosaic Settlements are at the cutting edge of the settlement process, ensuring our skills grow in parallel with industry changes. This proactive approach results in Mosaic Settlements being able to better serve our clients. With PEXA electronic conveyancing, we can;

  • Lodge land registry documents in near real-time
  • See settlements be finalised in near real time
  • Avoid having to be physically present for a settlement
  • Get fast access to seller’s funds


By using PEXA, Mosaic Settlements can ensure:

  • Greater efficiency whereby we can complete settlement in one consolidated transaction
  • Provision of crucial data and information that you no longer have to track down yourself
  • Greater reliability in carrying out transactions via an online medium rather than by fax or phone
  • Better customer service. This is especially important to us as we value your experience with us. With PEXA electronic conveyancing, you are better informed and can stay abreast of settlement progress
  • Greater flexibility, whether we are in the office or on the road
  • Fewer delays due to errors
  • A much more secure conveyancing option – we value your privacy


Mosaic Settlements has embraced this important technological improvement. We know how important it is to our clients to have up to date information and smooth, time-efficient transactions. Contact us to find out more and to see if your settlement meets the criteria to work online.