Buying a Home in Perth

Buying a Home in Perth: Mosaic Settlements

There’s no place like home, especially if you’re talking about our patch of paradise here in Western Australia. Buying a home in Perth will be one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life, so it makes sense to be informed and educated.

Below is some advice our expert conveyancing team encourage you to take on board, before purchasing a home.

Do Your Research When Buying a Home in Perth

Property types

Make sure you’re choosing the right property for your needs. There are different types of property in Perth:

  • Apartments
  • Units
  • Villas
  • Townhouses
  • Houses

These property types differ in that a house is usually a freestanding dwelling, situated on its own (often spacious) block of land. Whereas apartments, units, villas and townhouses are usually semi-attached, on a shared block with common walls and less space.

This knowledge may impact your decision when buying a home in Perth. Be sure the outcome suits your purpose, such as room for your children and pets to roam free when needed.

Buying a Home in Perth: Mosaic Settlements


Researching your location is also important. You need to understand how your potential suburb and home can impact your future. When you’re buying a home in Perth, make sure you have access to all the local amenities you’re going to need:

  • Schools: If there’s a specific school you want to send your children to, be sure to do your research and ensure your potential new address is situated within the school’s catchment area
  • Parks: You, your children and your dog will benefit from the opportunity to relax, socialise and exercise in your local park
  • Hospitals: If your family is still growing, it might be important for you to be close to a hospital for birth, or for emergency treatment should the need arise
  • Public transport: Whether it’s getting to and from work, or having access to transport for events, access to public transport may impact your decision

Buying a Home in Perth: Mosaic Settlements

Suburb stats

Being close to amenities, and getting that ‘feeling’ from a house and/or suburb, is only half of the equation. Before buying a home in Perth, be sure to do your research on properties sold in the area. A property is not just a home, it’s also an investment.

If you’re buying in Doubleview, then get an understanding of these stats:

  • Median house value
  • Annual median value
  • Gross median weekly rent
  • Suburb rental returns
  • Annual sales
  • Average days on the market before sale
  • Planning applications in the area

Buying a Home in Perth: Mosaic Settlements

Choose Mosaic Settlements When Buying a Home in Perth

Whether you’re new to buying property, or experienced, be sure you put your transaction in the hands of a settlement agent Perth locals highly recommend. Contact our expert team today for settlement of all residential homes, including strata conveyancing services.