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Divorce or separation from a partner is one of the most difficult things to go through, not only because of the immense emotional toll but also because there are many legal and practical considerations to worry about. Here’s where Mosaic Settlements will come in and process Court Order property settlement transactions. On your behalf, we can manage separation or divorce property transfers, in the event of a relationship breakdown involving the family home.

Given our experience with divorce property settlement, we can guide you through the challenging obstacles that divorce and separation transfers might entail.

Mosaic Settlements are here to answer questions that frequently come up regarding the division of property after divorce

Q: What happens to the property?

A: When a marriage ends in divorce, the couple’s property is typically sold, and the proceeds of the sale are then split between the two parties.

Q: What if I want to keep the family home?

A: Mosaic Settlements assists in the transfer of ownership to a single party if they wish to retain ownership of the family home. We will act upon the Orders set out in your Court Order or Binding Financial Agreement which will stipulate, who is to retain the property, who is to pay the fees and if any payments are due to relevant parties. We are unable to prepare Court Orders, you will need to engage with a Family Lawyer to assist in this regard or go direct via the Family Court of WA.

Q: Why is it called a ‘Consent Order’ or ‘Court Order’?

A: The word ‘Consent Order’ or ‘Court Order’ refers to a document that a family lawyer drafts setting out the terms of the separation. The documents are lodged with the Family Court and then once finalised they are sealed and ready to be used to facilitate the transfer of property.

How Mosaic Settlements Handle Court Order Property Settlement

Property transfer truly depends on the circumstances of each divorce. Property settlement before divorce might be fairly simple, while cases that go through arbitration can often be extremely complicated. Whatever your circumstance entails, our knowledgeable divorce property settlement agents are equipped with the requisite abilities.

Typically Mosaic Settlements handle the requirements outlined in your Court Order for the transfer of property:

  • Making sure the Transfer of Land form is properly completed
  • Lodging and stamping your documents with the RevenueWA
  • Ensuring the Transfer is finished correctly and proceeds distributed appropriately to the concerned parties

Hiring Mosaic Settlements to solve the conundrum of divorce property settlement makes sense because we are adept in resolving complex situations!

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It makes sense to have experts by your side to ensure a fair and legal divorce property settlement process is carried out. At Mosaic Settlements, our knowledgeable conveyancing team are ready to help you through a turbulent and emotionally charged time.